To attend each workshop is easy, thanks to the friendly and clear navigation system we used to run our virtual event. You will get real-time update and never miss important notices.

Learn about what you can do during this conference, and how to navigate from session to session quickly from the video below.
(You may even attend this event from your mobile device, almost anywhere you are! Here is how:)

All-in-One Event Tool for Desktop

You access BTiC Malaysia 2021 virtual event comfortably through your computers. You have everything right in front of you – you can watch presenter streams, receive notifications, vote in polls, or ask live questions. All at the same time!

  1. Email invitation is sent to you Check your email for unique “Join” button. You get to join our event with one click.
  2. Engage with Us Throughout this event, you may ask live questions, join polls, receive push notifications, and be interactive.


Workshop’s Video Stream and Engaging Features on One Screen

Eventee supports live streams as well as videos on demand, so this event is hosted with event live and with pre-recorded videos. As everything is built on one screen, you are able to use all the other features at the same time without leaving the live stream.

Live stream and engaging features on one screen
Event Agenda for Your Virtual Event

Event Agenda for Your Virtual Event

During the event, you have access to your event agenda the whole time, so you can easily keep track of all upcoming sessions and plan your schedule. You can also switch quickly between the sessions with a single click.

Respond to Presenters’ Live Questions and Polls

Attendees of virtual events tend to get easily distracted by different things that are happening around them. To keep you engaged and concentrated, presenter may ask you to vote in polls, or contribute with questions you are interested in.

Engage Attendees with Live Questions and Polls


Aneta Martinek


We have been using Eventee for the second year, and we are extremely happy. The application is very precisely prepared, everything is 100% tested and on time. I cannot imagine the organization of a conference without this helpful tool. It is a way for us to communicate with the participants and have immediate feedback from them.

Aneta Martinek, GrowJOB Institute

Session Ratings and Feedback in Real Time

Session Ratings and Feedback in Real Time

You can give your speakers feedback or write comments in real time during each session. You can also rate the sessions with 1-5 stars and help presenters evaluate their session.


Don’t get stressed by last-minute changes in the agenda. Eventee helps you cope with these situations with ease thanks to the newsfeed section where you can see all the updates in real time. Receive changes announcements, share information or recieve messages all on screen or on your mobile device.

Newsfeed on Web app